Orthodontic Reception or Management Jobs

Can you picture yourself in an Orthodontic admin role?

Ever fancied yourself as a receptionist or Orthodontic Patient Coordinator?

Fortunately, we have a variety of positions available here at within the Dentalcare Group that should more than pique your interest.

An exciting and involved role

Our Orthodontic Patient Coordinator role involves the provision of liaison services to new patients entering our practices at Dentalcare Group. You’ll also be responsible for enhancing case acceptance for all services, fostering referrals and enhancing new patient flow through daily activities and specific programmes. Of course, your responsibilities are much more varied than that, but our description should give you a flavour for this exciting and involved role.

Other positions are available, too, including Orthodontic Support Manager, Orthodontic Coordinator, Orthodontic Lead Receptionist, and Orthodontic Nurse. Whether you’re working front of house or behind the scenes, you’ll be responsible for upholding exceptional standards of care across the practice.

Efficient day-to-day management

Orthodontic Nurses can also apply for our Orthodontist Nurse positions, which will see you ensuring the efficient day-to-day management of the surgery to provide the highest quality care to patients. After all, new and existing patients may well be feeling nervous about their appointment, and it falls under your remit to help them feel more at ease.

If the Orthodontic Nurse role isn’t the right position for you, how about a job as an Orthodontist Lead Nurse or Orthodontic Therapist? If you’re the fortunate candidate to take on the Orthodontic Therapist role, you’ll keep the clinical areas and all equipment and instruments clean, tidy and sterile as appropriate – and according to the practice’s health and safety and infection control procedures and manufacturers’ instructions. You’ll take the utmost pride in your work and you’ll be joining a team of experienced orthodontists who will make you feel more than welcome.

In the role, you’ll ensure all nurses are appropriately dressed for the clinical environment, and make sure stock is ordered and dispatched to surgeries on a weekly basis.

Get in touch to learn more

Intrigued to learn more about any of these positions? If you think you’re the right candidate for Dentalcare Group, we can’t wait to hear from you. Get in touch by emailing recruitment@dentalcaregroup.co.uk and we’ll send you the relevant details.