Ortho Message

Wait until your appointment

We will ask you to wait outside at the front of the building and only enter the practice after you have been called forward, please stand two metres from the front door (main road) at the time of your appointment. Please arrive on time for your appointment as if you are late due to social distancing measures we will not be able to see you.

Please wear a clean freshly washed mask for your appointment.

Please make sure that teeth are thoroughly cleaned immediately before your appointment and that there is no bleeding of the gums. If there is gum disease present the appointment may need to be rebooked and the gum disease resolved if orthodontic treatment is to be continued.

Reception team

The reception staff will be wearing protective equipment such as a mask and visor and screens have been fitted

Let’s check it is safe to see you

Before entering the practice we would ask you to confirm that the patient or on behalf of the patient and all members of your household that they have no symptoms and that you/they are fit for their appointment, you will have your temperature checked with your consent, if you have a high temperature then we will not be able to see you, please do not administer any paracetamol or ibuprofen for at least six hours prior to your appointment time

Sanitise your hands

You will be asked to use a sanitiser on entry and exit to the practice

Practise social distancing

Only the patient will be allowed to enter the practice premises (with the exception of NP’s and debond review checks), due to the social distancing guidelines, with your consent, the patient will be chaperoned into the clinic, where two members of staff are always present at the appointment and CCTV is operational.

If you have any concerns or wish to be present at the appointment, please let us know immediately as we may have to re-schedule your appointment and make special arrangements.

We kindly ask that parents/legal guardians wait outside of the practice. Most appointments will be approximately ten to twenty minutes after which we will escort your child to the door.

Maintaining high standards

Cross infection control remains a major priority. PPE and enhanced decontamination measures take longer so please be understanding

Our new uniforms

Your orthodontist/ therapist will be wearing additional protective equipment that may include a mask, visor and gown. But don’t worry, it’s just to keep everyone safe

Once we have finished

After you have finished your appointment please leave the practice so we can prepare for the next patient, we will make the next appointment before you leave, please be aware that due to the guidelines that we now need to adhere to, there is not much scope with flexibility of appointments. Any comments we have from this appointment will be discussed when booking the next appointment

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe

Please be patient with your orthodontic team. Covid-19 is requiring us to change the way we work and treat our patients.