6 Things you need to know about Anti-wrinkle injections

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Anti-wrinkle treatments (commonly known as Botox) have been around for over twenty years and have proven to be both popular and highly effective. Botox is a purified form of the botulinum toxin that is obtained from bacteria.

1. How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

Botox works by blocking nerve signals in the muscles where it is injected. When those nerve signals are interrupted, the affected muscle is temporarily paralyzed or frozen, as the message does not reach your muscle it does not contract. Without the movement of these selected muscles in the face, certain wrinkles may be softened, reduced, or even removed. The treatments are minimally invasive and virtually pain-free as the injections use an exceptionally fine needle, and the therapy is completed in just a few minutes, letting you continue with your day.


2. What can anti-wrinkle injections correct? 

Anti-wrinkles injections only work on wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement. These are known as dynamic wrinkles and are often called “expression lines.” The most common dynamic wrinkles that Botox can treat are lines on the upper face, such as the “11” between the brows, horizontal lines on the forehead, and crow’s feet around the eyes. These lines are caused by smiling, frowning, squinting, and other facial expressions.

  • Frown lines – appear on the forehead above the eyebrows.
  • Crow’s feet – wrinkles around the eyes
  • Bunny lines – fine lines on either side of the nose, seen when you wrinkle your nose.
  • Top lip lines – obvious when you purse your lips


3. Are anti-wrinkle injections instant? 

The effect of treatment isn’t instantaneous, but takes affect over a few days, you’ll see previous lines and wrinkles have reduced or even disappeared, and new skin creasing is avoided improving the long-term appearance of your skin.


4. Are Anti-wrinkle injections permanent?

Botox is temporary and lasts 3-6 months. This time frame is affected by your activity level, metabolism, and degree of current muscular activities.


5. If I stop having the injections will my wrinkles get worse?

 Botox aims to weaken the muscles. This means that the point that you started at or ideally, see a reduction in muscle movement due to gradual weakening of the muscle through your previous treatments. Botox is a great preventative procedure.


6. What is the difference between Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers?

Anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) and dermal filler treatments becoming more and more are popular, especially with younger people. Both anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) and dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments administered by injecting into the patient. When it comes to facial aesthetics generally Botox reduces, and fillers added. Dermal fillers contain ingredients that add fullness to areas. This can be purely aesthetic regarding lips or noes for younger patients. Dermal fillers are also popular for adding volume in areas that have thinned due to aging. This thinning is common in the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

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